Aquabase Water Resources Management

Aquabase Water Resources Management

The ultimate database software for the water resources practitioner


Aquabase has numerous entry forms to populate the database with water-related data. User entry is checked against rules in the database itself in order to maintain a database with high integrity. The description of data...
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Aquabase Downloads

This is the download section of the Aquabase website. Here you can download the full Aquabase setup and the latest Aquabase updates. If you are already logged in then you may proceed directly to the...
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Contact Us

If you want to contact us for any Aquabase related questions or for a quotation for support/installation please fill in the form below or phone/email us under the following: Phone (mobile): +27 83 272 6791...
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News and Updates

Here are the latest Aquabase news and updates. Please leave a comment or question by clicking on the image or "Read more" link to read the full post.

Aquabase Update to Version

The latest update with a number bug fixes is now available for download (Aquabase will check for an update...
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Aquabase Update to Version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new functions is now available for download (Aquabase...
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Aquabase Update to version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new functions is now available for download (Aquabase...
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Aquabase Home

Welcome to Aquabase!

Welcome to the home of Aquabase, the perfect database software solution for the water resources scientist, hydrogeologist and engineer. Here you will find information about the software, its features, functions and some screen shots.

You will also find the online Aquabase Help system, which provides detailed descriptions of most of the functions and which is also available within the Aquabase software. This Help System may also give you a good impression on what Aquabase functions are available.

In order to download the latest Aquabase version you can go to the Aquabase Downloads page.

So what is Aquabase? Aquabase is a powerful water resources management software application with data entry, management and presentation tools for the (ground)water scientist, water manager and engineer. The latest version is Aquabase Twenty20 (8.0.x.x), which is available for Windows 32 and 64 bit and Linux (Debian/Ubuntu). A MacOS version is planned to be available by the end of the year.

The current version is in no way complete and development continues, as there is quite a bit of work still necessary to rewrite the reports and charting functions from old (Aquabase Ver. 6) functionality. Aquabase is developed with the Lazarus / FreePascal IDE under Ubuntu Linux and uses only open-source components, i.e. for the database access (ZeosDBO), the reports (Fortesreport CE) and some enhanced controls (rxnew) with more user-friendly functions. The Windows 32 bit and 64 bit versions are then compiled with Lazarus / FreePascal and tested under Wine before distribution (Aquabase runs perfectly under Wine).

Aquabase supports the following popular databases: SQLite/Spatialite (flat-file based, on local computer or file server), MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL with PostGIS and MS SQLServer (all database-server based). Only the latest versions of MS SQLServer (for Windows and Linux) with spatial functions are supported, but due to typical constant updates and changes by Microsoft some adaptations may be necessary in the Aquabase code, which can be accommodated, if you are interested in using Aquabase with SQLServer.

If you need support with the installation of Aquabase or any of the database options above, or require advice on a GIS system to work with Aquabase, or want to transfer your data to the new Aquabase databases please contact us for a quotation. Aquabase works perfectly with QGIS, which has a plugin to “communicate” with Aquabase.

You are also encouraged to subscribe to the Aquabase Development and Support Programme. You would then benefit from constant updates as they become available and will also get limited (reasonable) email and telephonic support with setup and installation, general functionality, import of data, and queries to extract data to any format. But you may also suggest additional functionalities which would not only benefit yourself or your organisation, but all Aquabase users in general. Please contact us for a quotation.