Applying Coordinates

Aquabase keeps two sets of coordinates in the Basic Information (basicinf) table. This enables the user to use either coordinate sets in e.g. GIS or other software.

While the X_COORD and Y_COORD fields store the coordinates in the format chosen during workspace setup the LONGITUDE and LATITUDE fields store the coordinates in WGS84 Longitude/Latitude. The latter get updated automatically when the other coordinate set is updated and the GEOMETRY field gets updated with the actual point, which is available to GIS systems.

This function allows the update of the LONGITUDE/LATITUDE (and therefore also the GEOMETRY) fields, which is the default, or update the X_COORD and Y_COORD fields to a new stored coordinate system. The latter could for example change the stored coordinates from South African Local (LO) coordinates into UTM or Hartebeesthoek94 Lat/Long or any other coordinate system.