Applying Coordinates

This tool has two functions:

  1. The first function allows the update of the LONGITUDE/LATITUDE (and therefore also the GEOMETRY) fields, which is the default, or
  2. Update the X_COORD and Y_COORD fields to a new stored coordinate system. The latter could for example change the stored coordinates from South African Local (LO) coordinates into UTM or Hartebeesthoek94 Lat/Long or any other coordinate system.

The first function sometimes becomes necessary to run when the Y_COORD/X_COORD and Longitude/Latitude fields become out-of-sync, e.g. when any of the fields are updated outside Aquabase by altering the coordinates. Aquabase looks primarily at the Y_COORD/X_COORD fields in which the coordinates are stored. The Longitude/Latitude fields are automatically updated and should not be edited manually outside of Aquabase. If this is done then the point in the GEOMETRY field moves according to the edited longitude and latitude (due to an internal database trigger), but the stored Y_COORD/X_COORD pair are not affected by that and are therefore not the same. It is therefore important to only change coordinates within Aquabase.

Running this function then returns the Longitude/Latitude back to what is stored in the Y_COORD/X_COORD fields.