Aquabase Water Resources Management

Aquabase Downloads

This is the download section of the Aquabase website. Here you can download the full Aquabase setup and the latest Aquabase updates. If you are already logged in then you may proceed directly to the Logged-in User page and follow the download links from there.

Otherwise, in order to download the full or update versions of Aquabase, you have to login here. If you are not a registered user on this website yet you have the option to register. Please note that the registrations on the previous Aquabase Download site could not be transferred to this website and you will have to register again.

If you want to install the latest full version of Aquabase it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions first. The update versions will ask you for a password during setup which you will have received by email, if you are an Aquabase Support and Development subscriber. The Update download is only necessary if your installed Aquabase cannot download the update automatically due to network permissions. In that case you should switch off “Automatic Update Download” in your Aquabase Preferences.

If you want to download the Aquabase source code and compile Aquabase yourself you may go to and follow the instructions from there.