Aquabase Update to Version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new features is now available for download (Aquabase will check for an update on start-up) and will require a password to complete the update process. This password is included in an email to subscribers to the Aquabase Support and Development programme. If Aquabase cannot download the update automatically you can also get it from the Download section of this website. You have to be a registered user to access the download section.

Please read the notes during installation for the latest exciting additions and bug fixes! We are constantly working on improving and fixing Aquabase functionality. Please let me know if you find any bugs and would like to make suggestions for new functions.


  1. The application font can now be selected, which is used on most entry forms, charts and dialogs, by right-clicking on the main form and selecting the function in the popup menu or using the dropdown menu on the Preferences button. This functions helps on some resolution settings of your operating system, but generally fonts >= 9 are to big to fit into the spaces available for display, but this depends on the font and letter spacing. The labels on forms are sized according to the font used and may here and there be cut off (please let me know on which forms this happens, even though you have selected a font with size < 9).
  2. The open-source “Liberation” font set, (“Liberation Sans” is the default Aquabase application font) is now installed properly and can be used across applications.


  1. The Testing Details entry form “Residual Drawdown” checkbox did not work as expected, but is now fixed.
  2. A few other smaller bug fixes and optimisations.

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