Aquabase & QGIS Training

After quite a few requests we have decided to present Aquabase and QGIS training online, as this really only requires (quite) a bit of data and a PC/laptop. This would be in the form of 1 or 2 ZOOM or Google Meet sessions, depending on what level of training is required, and would also involve some “homework” between the two sessions to practice what has been learnt during the online course.

It would typically mean 2 sessions for Aquabase and then, if there is interest, another session for QGIS, specifically how to access, use and present Aquabase data in QGIS. A QGIS only course would also be 2 sessions and is geared towards “noobs” in session 1 and more advanced usage in session 2.

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining 1 or 2 or more sessions and what you would specifically like to be covered. I will then work out a programme, maybe for a couple of sessions, which you can then choose from. It would be beneficial to have a PC or laptop during the sessions so that you can interact and work hands-on and share your screen with exercise results and/or questions.

The cost for this will be R750 per user per session you join to cover data and subscription costs. I can provide you/your company with a quotation for that. I think a good number per session could be 4 to 5 participants so that there is enough time to spend with everyone if there are problems or specific questions and show the How-Tos.

In the meantime STAY SAFE!!!

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