Aquabase Update to version

Aquabase Update to version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new features is now available for download (Aquabase will check for an update on start-up) and will require a password to complete the update process. This password is included in an email to subscribers to the Aquabase Support and Development programme. If Aquabase cannot download the update automatically you can also get it from the Download section of this website. You have to be a registered user to access the individual downloads in this section.

Please read the notes during installation for the latest exciting additions and bug fixes! We (the developers and the users) are constantly working on improving and fixing Aquabase functionality. Please let me know if you find any bugs and/or would like to make suggestions for new functions.


  1. On time-dependent charts several reference lines can now be added through the pop-up menu (right-click on chart) to indicate certain limits or references. These become series in the chart and can be modified like any other series with the Chart Properties dialog.


  1. The View Coordinate Systems Form did not close properly when closing the workspace without closing the form first. This works now.
  2. The Time-dependent columnar Summary report did not always show the summaries, even if selected. This is now fixed.
  3. The Lithology and construction report cut off the legend at the bottom of the report under certain conditions. This may specifically happen when the legend is in a frame. This is a chart height issue and may be fixed now.
  4. The time axis labels sometimes overlapped with certain widths of the time-dependent charts. This is now resolved and changing the width of the form/chart will provide sensible time intervals.
  5. When applying a new SQLite database format an error occured when starting the procedure so that the process could not be completed. This is now fixed.
  6. A few smaller bug fixes and changes.

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