Aquabase Update to Version

Aquabase Update to Version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new features is now available for download (Aquabase will check for an update on start-up) and will require a password to complete the update process. This password is included in an email to subscribers to the Aquabase Support and Development programme. If Aquabase cannot download the update automatically you can also get it from the Download section of this website. You have to be a registered user to access the individual downloads in this section.

Please read the notes during installation for the latest exciting additions and bug fixes! We (the developers and the users) are constantly working on improving and fixing Aquabase functionality. Please let me know if you find any bugs and/or would like to make suggestions for new functions.


  1. The chemistry charts have been enhanced to allow colouring of the points according to membership in a group (e.g. a wellfield or a monitoring programme etc.). For this to work the sites to be grouped have to be added to the Member table with the same Member IDs. If the sites belong to several groups the user can select the Member IDs to be used for the chemistry charts from a list.
  2. The chemistry charts now also automatically add aggregate series (average, minimum and maximum) to the charts, which can be switched between through the popup menu (or the relevant shortcut keys).
  3. The chemistry charts and individual series can now be further modified by accessing the Chart Properties in the popup menu (right-click on chart).


  1. The random colouring of lines and points on the chemistry charts did not take into consideration that several sample results per site should have the same colour (but different symbols). This has now been changed so that all sample results for one site have the same colour, but have different symbols for the points to distinguish them.
  2. Several settings in the Chart Properties dialog did not work as expected or were missing. These have been changed or fixed and some new ones added.
  3. Several smaller bug fixes and code optimisations

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