Aquabase Update to version

Aquabase Update to version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new features is now available for download (Aquabase will check for an update on start-up) and will require a password to complete the update process. This password is included in an email to subscribers to the Aquabase Support and Development programme. If Aquabase cannot download the update automatically you can also get it from the Download section of this website. You have to be a registered user to access the individual downloads in this section.

Please read the notes during installation for the latest exciting additions and bug fixes! We (the developers and the users) are constantly working on improving and fixing Aquabase functionality. Please let me know if you find any bugs and/or would like to make suggestions for new functions.


  1. The recently added Site Monitoring Report has been further enhanced with a few more settings to choose from before the report, including allowing a 0.00m (zero) water level as minimum of the left axis of the water level chart.
  2. The Chart Properties now allows easier formatting of the axis labels with general or fixed formats with decimals.


  1. There were a few errors and omissions in the SANS241-2015 chemistry standard, which have been fixed/added. If you have moved your Aquabase settings files to another folder you might have to edit/add to the SANS241 standard manually.
  2. When using only one vertical axis (Y-axis) and switching on the second vertical axis the axis ranges were not the same. This has been fixed.
  3. When having more than one piezometer in water levels the time-dependent chart would not plot both when no piezometer was selected for the chart settings. This has now been changed to show an ” option which allows plotting more than one piezometer on the chart.
  4. A few smaller bug fixes and optimisations.

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