Aquabase Update to Version

Aquabase Update to Version

The latest update with a number bug fixes and a few new features is now available for download (Aquabase will check for an update on start-up) and will require a password to complete the update process. This password is included in an email to subscribers to the Aquabase Support and Development programme. If Aquabase cannot download the update automatically you can also get it from the Download section of this website. You have to be a registered user to access the individual downloads in this section.

Please read the notes during installation for the latest exciting additions and bug fixes! We (the developers and the users) are constantly working on improving and fixing Aquabase functionality. Please let me know if you find any bugs and/or would like to make suggestions for new functions.


  1. The import of “Other Table” has been optimised to better perform, especially on remote databases with large datasets to import. The records of the import table are now inserted into a script first and then the script executed to insert the records into the database. Triggers are disabled during that process end re-enabled after the process is complete in order to reduce database server transactions.


  1. Some of the time-dependent columnar reports did not repeat the column headers when starting a new page; this is now fixed.
  2. Granting access to new Views created with “Marked Sites” gave an access violation. This is also fixed.
  3. User access to Views in PostgreSQL did not work as expected as some Views did not show up in the View dialogs due to privileges. This has been changed to show all Views but only View owners can change View names or delete them.
  4. The Chemistry Diagrams failed when using PostgreSQL databases due to an incorrect statement in the data extraction for the average, maximum and minimum aggregate queries. This is fixed.
  5. Quite a few smaller bug fixes and optimisations.

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