Adding Chemistry Data

Chemistry data can be added on two entry forms: The “Standard Parameters” form and the “User-defined Parameters” form.

The “Standard Parameters” form, also just called “Chemistry Parameters” allows the adding of samples in the middle of the form first, before the actual parameter results can be added on 5 tabs, which can hold up to 21 paramaters and organised according to parameter types. The sample information should at least contain the date and time sampled and a sample number, but laboratory information and alternative numbers (e.g. laboratory number) are also helpful. PLEASE NOTE: The chemistry reference number will be generated automatically and is used to link all chemistry tables (chem_001 to chem_005) to the samples (in chem_000).

The last tab on this form contains the parameters where a detection limit has been reported by the laboratory (e.g. < 0.001). Detection limits can easily be added by pressing Ctrl-F1, while on the field of a parameter in the other tabs to insert a “<“, Ctrl-F2 for a “>” and Ctrl-F3 for a “#” (too numerous to count). This will add the parameter reported and the limit into the “deteclim” table, where information on the method used can also be added.