Adding and Linking Report Documents

Report documents are the electronic copies in any format of reports or other documents where sites in the database are mentioned, discussed, created or tested.

These could include consultants’ reports, chemistry reports from laboratories, spreadsheets with pumping test data/analyses etc. If the reports do not have a number then any number can be made up, BUT: it must be unique. A good idea would be to include the year and maybe a short description and a running number; e.g. 19/BEAUFORT/01 or 2019/BEMLAB/4861. If you change a report number Aquabase will ask you to change the report number also for the sites linked to this report (which normally is a good idea).

The “Report loaded” column shows if an electronic copy of the report is actually loaded into the database, which can then be downloaded with the “Save” button again at any stage. The “Load” button allows the selection of a file from your computer or network which is then uploaded to the database. Selecting a new file for a record which has a document uploaded already will overwrite the existing uploaded document. In that way draft documents can eventually be replaced with the final versions of e.g. a geohydrological/engineers report.

Once report documents have been created sites in the database can be linked to these reports on the “Site-Linked Reports” entry form. The report numbers can be entered directly (if known) or selected with a dropdown menu in the “Report Number” column. Only reports for the Reporting Institution entered/selected when adding/changing a record will be shown in the dropdown. If the dropdown is not available then no reports have been added for that Reporting Institution yet.