Using Views to filter Data

Views are SQL queries/statements stored in the database and may result in a subset of data available for viewing/scrolling. The current View is always shown in the application status bar.

The default View is “allsites”, which is, as the name implies, the selection of all sites and cannot be deleted. All other views can be created in Aquabase (or any other application), as long as they return a result set of SITE_ID_NRs (can have other fields as well) , the primary unique identifier for sites. The default View can be reset under the “Database” menu.

To select a View go to Database|Select View which will open a dialog where you can see all available views and their definition, w.o.w how the view is constructed to return the resulting SITE_ID_NRs.

In order to create a View there are several possibilities, all of which require some knowledge of the SQL language.

1.) Under Edit|Create View: Create a SQL query returning a SITE_ID_NR result set
2.) Under Edit|Select Sites: Select sites (SITE_ID_NRs) from a list
3.) Mark sites on any entry form by pressing CTRL-M while on a site of interest
4.) If you have QGIS you can even do a spatial selection of your sites using the Aquabase/QGIS plugin.

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