Modifying Data

It is highly recommended to modify any data in the database only in Aquabase as there are a lot of checks and balances built into Aquabase, which might not be available or working in other applications. For example the date and time is checked for the proper format ‘20190228’ (which is a character field for the date) and ‘1354’ (which is a character field for the time respectively).

Another example would be checking for starting and ending dates of pumping tests where the date ended cannot be before the date started etc. When editing the basic information the drainage region is also checked with the coordinates against a spatial table and the user warned if the drainage region entered does not correspond with the spatial drainage region. At the same time the coordinates entered are converted to Longitude and Latitude in WGS84 reference, which then in turn automatically create the spatial point using database triggers in a GEOMETRY column for direct use in GIS softwares.