Quick Search

The Quick Search function can also be achieved by pressing F3, which opens a small search box.

The dropdown box shows the last used search and by dropping down the list the last 10 search items are displayed and can be selected for the search. The Field dropdown shows the fields that can be searched through; the NR_ON_MAP field is the default field, but if changed to another field the form remembers the last field searched for when opened again. So always make sure to watch the field in which the information has to be searched!

Now there are two methods to search for the information in the dropdown, which can be just a few starting letters/numbers:

1.) If you press enter or click “OK” the site with the information in the dropdown and the field displayed is searched and the search box closed. If a site is found the database moves to the site immediately, otherwise the user is informed that no site was found for that condition.

2.) Clicking the “Search” button will search for the information and move to the first site immediately. The button changes to “Find next”, which allows going to the next site with the condition. This can be repeated until the last site has been found for that condition.

This form can be kept open for as long as you need it by just using the “Search”/”Find next” function. BUT: Remember that the form has been opened with the View that was active at that stage. So one can have several Quick Searches with different Views open and do searches, which may not necessarily provide a result!

The button to the right of the dropdown will clear the search item list.