Editing Lookup Codes

The Lookup Codes have developed over many years and editing them is not encouraged, unless you want to change something in the description of the code. But changing the code to a completely other description not related to the original meaning would make all previously used selections of that particilar code invalid, because it had a different meaning.

But you can add new lookup codes if you want to add something that is not yet on the Lookup database. You are, however, encouraged to send the new lookup code suggestion to the Aquabase developers so that it may be made available to all Aquabase users, especially if it is a new code which originates from e.g. new equipment or equipment manufacturers or reporting institutions. In that way we ensure that Aquabase becomes more powerful and complete.

If you want to add a lookup code go to Edit|Lookup Codes, which will open a grid editor with all current codes and their description:

The first column of the grid shows the category for which the code is used (NOTE: It does not help to create new categories as there may not be any fields in the Aquabase databases to accommodate codes of that particular category). The second column shows the Lookup Code and the third column the Description. The top row shows (“All values”) can be used to filter rows by that column. So chosing e.g. LITHCODE in the first column will only show the codes available for that category.

Clicking the insert button of the navigator will then automatically insert the category into the new otherwise empty row and you can add a code, which obviously should not exist already and a description of the code.