Chart Settings

Depending on from where the time dependent charts are requested(from entry form or main menu), different options are available for rendering the charts. These initial settings determine the parameters to be used for the Y-axis and what time steps are to be used.

If the time dependent parameters have several fields for the parameter (e.g. a piezometer or a status) then the filter can also be set to determine which field is going to be used for the distinction. The unit to be shown may then also be set.

Important is also the date/time of start and end: the default starting date and time is the date/time of the record on which the cursor was set in the entry form from which the charts were accessed. The default end date/time is the current date/time, but the time axis will scale automatically until the end of data (not the current time).

When daily, monthly or annual steps are selected then the chart type (line or bar) and the aggregate (average, minimum, maximum or sum) may be selected and these calculations depend on the type of the data.