Importing another Aquabase Workspace

With this function any other Aquabase Wokspace can be imported into the current Workspace, with limitations. This may be useful to combine several workspaces into one or for just transferring workspaces from one server to another or from a file-based database (like SQLite) to a server-based database.

When selecting the Workspace to append Aquabase will check for duplicate SITE_ID_NRs and warn the user if there are. These will also be written into a log file which may then be used to rename these in either of the workspaces.

The tables to be imported may also be selected and a View from the Wokspace to import may also be selected to restrict the import (e.g. only certain sites in a project or from an area or a specific map reference etc.); otherwise all sites will be imported.

NOTE: The basicinf table always needs to be imported first as all other tables link to it (foreign keys) via the SITE_ID_NR. If it imports without errors all other tables should import without any problems.

The chemistry tables in both workspaces may have same CHM_REF_NRs which link all chemistry tables to the chemistry samples table (chem_000) and therefore the reference number can be adjusted to use the highest in this database (all imported reference numbers will be adjusted to be higher), keep as in import database (may lead to duplicates and therefore errors) or start with a new number.