Help on Shortcut Key Combinations

A lot of functionality in Aquabase can be easily achieved by using shortcut keys instead of grabbing the mouse and clicking something while using the keyboard.

The most used keys are:

CTRL+F: Use view
CTRL+Del: Delete current record
INS: Insert a new record
SHIFT+DEL: Sets field value to NULL (in grids)
ALT+Right: Move to next site
ALT+Left: Move to previous site
CTRL+F1: Insert “<” in detection limits
CTRL+F2: Insert “>” in detection limits
CTRL+F3: Insert “#” in detection limits
CTRL+F8: Edit current record
CTRL+N: Jump to next tab on tabbed entry forms
CTRL+P: Jump to previous tab on tabbed entry forms
F1: Open this Help
F5: Refresh detail dataset
F6: Goto Bookmark
F7: Set Data Record Bookmark
F8: Post current record
F9: Lookup codes in grid
F11: Increase time increment on pumping test import
F12: Decrease time increment on pumping test import