Entering and Editing Data

In order to add a new record to the data table (sites or site-related data) click the + button on the Navigator or press INS. To save to data click the button with the floppy disk or press F8.

In order to edit a record click the ✐ button and again the disk button to save.

If you do not want to save the changes click the ↺ or press ESC.

In oder to delete a record click the – button or CTRL-DEL in grids. Sites can only be deleted on the Basic Information entry form. The delete process is non-reversible and should be used with caution.

Sometimes it may be necessary to refresh your data, especially if data has been added by another application or by scripts. This can be achieved by clicking the double arrow button or pressing F5.

Please also have a look at Help|Help on Shortcuts menu item to get an overview of the available keys to simplify navigation, data processes and other functions.