Chemistry Charts

Chemistry charts are produced each in a separate window, from where properties can be changed or it can be saved or printed, by selecting the relevant Diagram check button.

Several chemistry charts created at the same time

For the Stiff and Pie/Bar diagrams the Aggregate dropdown allows the chemistry results to be Average, First, Last, Maximum or Minimum. As the Stiff is a specialised chemistry diagram the Average will work out a real average of all parameters selected, ignoring the 0s (zeros). So if one sample has no value for e.g. the HCO3 (Total Alkalinity) the average HCO3 will still be calculated between all other samples. If there is only one sample which has no value for HCO3 it will be shown on the chart as 0 (zero). The same applies for the Maximum and Minimum. Due to space limitations on a stiff chart a maximum of six sites will be allowed and if the View has more than six sites only the first six will be shown.