Using Server Databases

Aquabase can use MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and M$ SQLServer databases on a local machine or network server, even over the Internet, as long as the database allows remote access.

In order to use one of these databases your network/server administrator will have to create the databases first with any database client. These can be created with the relevant scripts which are stored under your Aquabase installation directory “[InstallationDir]\Databases[TypeOfDatabase]\aquabase.sql”.

Your administrator will also have to set up user permissions on the database and possibly also which machines have access to the database. Once these have been set up you can connect by filling in the database details on the relevant database tabsheet and test your connection with the button at the bottom of the form. The “Retrieve” button will retrieve all databases which are available to you and also gives an indication whether you are able to connect with the details provided.

Typically under such a scenario the Workspace would be located on your PC, but the database on a server PC or the Cloud.

All settings of the Workspace are stored in the file “workspace.ini” in your Workspace and should only be edited if you really know what you are doing!