Viewing and Saving

Sometimes the default width of the charts is not wide enough to show all text, especially if a lot of text is displayed from the notepad fields. The form can just be dragged to be wider, but this has limitations when creating the Log Report, as an A4 page has only so much space. Therefore settings like font sizes, width of lithology and staggering labels left and right should be selected in the log setting already.

The splitter between the log chart and the depth-dependent chart (when shown) can also be dragged to make more space for the log and less for the depth-dependent chart.

A popup menu can be accessed by right-clicking on either of the charts: The menu allows saving the charts to Bitmap or JPEG image files at the extent that they are in. This extent may be changed to view the top, bottom or full charts, which may be helpful if the charts contain a lot of detail (e.g. often changing lithologies). The font size of the lithology descriptions can also be adjusted to be smaller or larger. Depending on screen resolution the top/bottom axes might not be 100% aligned which can also be adjusted on this menu.

Remember that the shortcuts indicated on the menu can also be used for all of these menu options.